At this truly extraordinary time in life, it has offered me a time for reflection on what is important to me. An opportunity that rarely presents itself or one rarely finds the time to do.
Over the past ten years there have been a few dominant things in my life, Family, Friends and Kitchen W8.
My family at home has flourished with two young boys who are rapidly growing and enjoying life. My wife is as ever a huge support to me and my role at Kitchen W8.
Friendships grow stronger and at this time this has never been so evident, offers of support coming in various forms on a daily basis, true solidarity.
Kitchen W8 has flourished and become a highly regarded London restaurant, it has largely become my second home and family. I have made many friendships over the years with the team and guests alike. The team is the engine room of the restaurant delivering the vision and offering genuinely warm and welcoming hospitality. I am truly proud and thankful to every member of the team who support me. The Guests we welcome are everything and without you my Kitchen W8 community falls apart. I am very privileged that so many of you have become loyal friends, supporters and regulars and the team and I get to welcome you back and cook for you on such a regular basis.
Cooking has been such a huge part of my life for the last twenty years and whilst it has been halted in many ways I have been enjoying cooking the family meals and sharing more food experiences with two impressionable young boys. Helping the neighbours with a sweet treat to put a smile on a face or cooking a wholesome meal for those that need. The sense of community at this difficult time is quite overwhelming as we all pull together and support each other.
For now life has changed. It is about cherishing my family at home, my team at Kitchen W8 and supporting my neighbours and local community. Home schooling is very much at the forefront. Not an easy task and however challenging it has offered an extremely rewarding opportunity.
I wish all of my Kitchen W8 community safety, good health and happiness at this extraordinary time. I am very much looking forward to firing up the stoves once again and along with my team welcoming back my Kensington Family, Friends and Regulars.
Stay safe and I thank you for all your support,


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